What Is Daraz - How Shopping Through Daraz Online

Hello Guys, Today in this article i'm going to tell you how to shop online through daraz.

What Is Daraz - How Shopping Through Daraz Online

What Is Daraz?

Daraz Is Biggest Online Shopping Company In Pakistan Which Works In All Provinces like Sindh, KPK, Punjab, Balouchistan and Also In Other 3 countries.
It has good stuff as we know about it that this very good place to buy products in disscount.

How To Select Items?

You need to download daraz app play Store after that you can select any product which you want to buy online after selecting that product the colour of product and also size.

Buy Products In Cheap Price!

If you want to buy the product in cheap price use the coupon code daraz.pk you need to simply go to Google and then type there the daraz coupon code and there are many websites you will see now open the one and you will be able to see them copy one of daraz coupon codes now and paste it into your product below section

Daraz Payment Methods!

After that it will be added into your cart you need to go to add to cart section after that you will be asked to 4 a payment method there are three types of payment method you can add easypaisa bank account and debit card aur credit card you can add three types of payment method products from daraz.

How I Will Get My Product?

After paying money of the product it takes 7 days receive the product to you you can simply receive the product by TCS officer which will come at your home give the product to you and you just need to sign there and product will your.


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