How To Use Free Internet In 2020

Hello Guys, Today In This Post I'm Going To Tell You How To Use Free Internet.

How To Use Free Internet In 2020

How To Use Free Internet?

Yes, You can use free without paying any cent it is quite simple and easy just you need a sim and vpn name sky vpn.

Why To Use Free Internet?

In this time every one want to use free internet because packages price is very high, So, in this matter we can use free internet just by installing a vpn in your mobile or pc.

How To Get Sky VPN?

First of all you need to go to Play Store and then open the first one app and install it in your Android mobile and you can download it from Chrome browser or any other browsers used all you need to do is search in Google skyvpn APK and then open first website and click on download button and it will be downloaded in your mobile storage then you can simply install it through your mobile.

How To Create Access Point?

Now you need to go to your mobile settings and then go to connections after going to connections will be seen the option mobile network click on care of the day you will be soon Asus points click on that and create new access point name skyvpn endure sim card aPN which is send you by sim company in this example I am going to take a song sim so I will choose your internet access point and after that port 8080 .

How To Connect Sky VPN?

To use free internet you can access points and download skyvpn now you need to simple quote skyvpn after that you need at 5 or more than 10 MB to connect to a server I strongly suggest you to connect with United States or India you can also use Wi-Fi truecaller server after that you will be able to use free internet you are my friend now you can go to Skype and all information file permissions which will asking you from the app now you need to connect United States take more than a minute after that connects to United States server my friend open the data connection from the sim in which we create access point free internet.


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