How To Receive Payments From Adsense 2020

Hello guys today in this article I am going to tell about to receive payments from your AdSense account.

It is very simple to receive your payments with you and from your AdSense account before you receive your AdSense payment adSense account after making $10 AdSense will send you a letter in which record written you need to verify your account by entering that code which is written in letter you need to type into Adsense account after typing code on your account will be successfully verified after you find your adSense account then you can easily your payments of your blog or admob apps developer then you know that AdSense will in one month due to after you finalize your earnings and make $100 then AdSense automatically ask you to add payment method in your AdSense account add payment method through that you can enter your payments.

Western Union

you can also a Western Union or a bank account and you can also receive cheque western Union payment method your money will be transfer to your Western Union branch then they will be ask some questions and then they will give your payment.

Bank Account

In other words you can also add your bank account which are asked by Google AdSense some requirements like BIC number swift code after entering these Bank payment will automatically released on 21st every month after making $100.
The check method is also very simple check by post office it will receive you and you can also exchange that check in bank and withdraw money.


Guys I hope you like this post you like 10 share to your friends if you are under 18 then you can't use this AdSense service of receiving payment and I will suggest you to use Western Union which is very simple and easy method to receive AdSense payment without any charges.

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