How To Make Money With Admob In 2020

Hello guys today in this article I am going to tell you about to earn money through admob.

first of all you need to create a Gmail account with your name after that you need to go into google type their admob after typing admob open the first website now simply click on signup now enter the gmail ID you created your admob account has been created.

How To Verify Address?

Now click on site bar after clicking on site you will see the address of and click on that now you will enter the your real address where you live after entering that address Google will verify your address and in the 24 hours and automatically send you an email in your Gmail account.

Admob Ad Units?

Once your ad approved also create your admob ad units you need to create admob ad units like banner interstitial and native ads after eating these three units you need to create the app in which app you can run your ad units.

How To Start Making Money With Admob?

You can hire a person to create it will take the commission after creating that app you want. If you want to create a on hands then You can also use kodular, Android studio, app geyser after creating the app simple publish it on Google Play Store. After publishing your app on Google Play Store it will take more than 3 - 5 months to generate more than 1000 downloads after you get more than 1000 downloads the app will generate a good amount of money.

How To Receive Admob Payments?

Once if you made I will send you a very furcation letter through this verification letter you can verify your admob account if you verify your admob account you will get paid after making $100 if you not verify your Google admob account then you will not get payment at the any chance.


In this way you can create admob account and make money by Google AdSense any suggestion please comment below and share this article with your friends.

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