How To Drive Traffic To Your Website 2020

Hello guys today in this post I am going to tell you how to drive traffic to your website.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website 2020

So, friends there are many methods to increase your organic traffic but I am going to tell you the Legend way to increase your traffic.

Three Types of methods I am going to tell you
  1. social media
  2. search Engine Optimisation
  3. paid advertisement

Social Media Traffic

Social media traffic is very good traffic half People Are Foreign countries like United States Germany UK just you need to create quotes on social media like Pinterest facebook twitter instagram after creating these social media accounts you need to copy of your page on which you want bring traffic after copying the page URL you need to go to your facebook account then just published tate URL with your friends just like you need to do that with Pinterest Twitter Instagram.

On-Page SEO
Search Engine Optimisation organic traffic which comes true search search engines like google, Bing, baidu just you need to do proper SEO by finding Keywords related to your topic and implement those keywords in your article you can use ubersuggest to find best keywords for free you just need sigup with google id after that You can do keyword research for your article on anything you want to it will help you to get more Organic traffic.
Off-Page SEO
Off-Page SEO is very important to rank in 1st page in Off-Page SEO you need to create more than more backlinks to your particular post. There are two types of backlinks one is no-follwo and do-follow if you can create only do-follow backlinks then it's awesome.

Paid Advertising

This is the worst way to generate thousands of traffic but it is paid so it's not good for common people but if you are a Affiliate marketer then you can use this method to sell your products.
First of all you need to sign up with google adwords after sigup you need to sign in, once you sign in then you can easily create ad campaigns in which you can promote your particular post and it will get 100% Traffic.


I strongly recommend you to use 1st two methods to drive traffic to your website because these methods are long time not short time.
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