How To Create A Blog On Blogger In 2020

Hello Guys,Today in this post I will tell you how to create a blog on blogger.

How To Create A Blog On Blogger In 2020

How To Create Gmail?

So guys, first of all you need to create a Gmail account in your Android mobile then select first and last name after that date of birth then you need to verify it with your mobile number now simply sign up and remember username that you create which you will use for your blogger.

How To Create Blog On Blogger?

Write blogger on Google then open the first sight you see there simple sign up with your Gmail account create now ok after this you will be asked by the your blog name or blog address.
Now you need to find the SEO friendly blog name and address so you can think about it hut to get a SEO friendly blog name there are many videos available on YouTube that helps you to get a SEO friendly blog name.
After that you can write articles on your

There are two types of blog One is private and another is public.

Private Blog?
In private blogs you can write private articles about your life you can use this like a diary anything you will write it will be private.

Public Blog?
Another public blog in which you can write public articles means if you write a article with some SEO tricks then it will shown in whole world and through this you can also earn some money by placing ads on your blogs.


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