How To Connect Wifi Without Knowing Them

Hello friends today in this article I am going to tell you how you can see any Wi-Fi without knowing them.

First of all you need to open play Store and then type in the search for androdumpper after that you all this app in your Android mobile. You can also download this app from chrome browser aur Firefox after this app you can simple install it in your Android mobile.

First of all I will ask you to allow permissions like location storage you need to allow all permissions after tenth Symphony open the app see the Wi-Fi is there are three types off Wi-Fi one is green Wi-Fi and second is yellow third one is red
The red Wi-Fi shows did the WPS in the router so it is impossible to see the Wi-Fi password of red Wi-Fi.

The Yellow Wifi Signal!

Yellow wi-Fi says thate WPS is enabled in the router is very secure see the Wi-Fi password now you need to click on the Wi-Fi and it will be asked the many methods like brute force and others you need to select all pins and click on confirm if any pin match that pin then router will automatically connect that wifi.

The Green Wifi Signal!

The green Wi-Fi signal show that this Wi-Fi security is very low it can easily show the Wi-Fi password so just you need to click on the single Wi-Fi and then you scroll down and select all pens at 100% work and your Wi-Fi will automatically be connected to the router without knowing anyone.

This method work in the rooted phones very well but in the non rooted phones it will take some issues so please root your mobile phone and try again with brute force and other methods that are available in the app if you like this article then share it with your friends and please comment as below

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