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The PC Laptop Chromebook C340" width="1024" height="658" /> Lenovo Chromebook C340 Low Price of The PC Laptop Chromebook C340 chromebooks are to be had at costs high and occasional. 

The $three hundred lenovo chromebook c340 sits within the sweet spot, balancing affordability with capabilities and capability. you’ll be difficult-pressed to discover as lots bang for the dollar as in the chromebook c340, but lenovo made some choices that threaten to sink the whole experience. the c340 is a -in-one convertible that works as a computer or a tablet way to a hinge that swings 360 degrees. the eleven-inch display manner the c340 is compact, light-weight, and particularly transportable. although lenovo isn’t always pitching it to the education marketplace, i will see it serving as an effective machine for faculty-elderly youngsters way to the size and weight. a metal panel covers the chromebook’s lid. it’s to be had in either sand purple or platinum grey. i like the matte, granular look of both finishes. the chrome and lenovo trademarks are embedded in the steel. lenovo used plastic for the lower half of of the chromebook.

Notwithstanding the variations inherent in metal and plastic, the coloration is uniform across each substances. the general form is rather wedge-like. each facets are tapered a piece from the rear hinge closer to the the front facet. the lid has what i’d call an angular overbite that paperwork a distinct profile for the chromebook while it's far closed. like many 360-diploma hinges, the c340’s includes two rotating hubs that permit the lid to swing all of the way round and lay flat on the lowest. the hinge is powerful and strong for the duration of the variety of motion, and i felt confident putting the show at any perspective. i mainly like to stand two-in-ones which includes the c340 like a tent so i'm able to watch youtube or netflix. pay for celeron silicon, get celeron speed — or the shortage thereof. only a single processor choice is available to the c340, and that’s an intel celeron n4000 clocked at 1.1ghz with a 4mb cache and burst speeds of up to two.6ghz. other specifications that play a position in performance encompass the intel uhd pictures 600 and 4gb of lpddr4 ram at 2.4ghz. two storage versions are available: 32gb and 64gb, with only $20 keeping apart the 2 options. the n4000 marked its debut in 2017 and considering that then at least generations of n4xxx chips from intel have reached the marketplace. it’s a low-value processor for low-fee machines. i desire lenovo had opted for a more moderen version of the n4xxx line. the c340 isn’t slow, in line with se, but it’s really not zippy. i found overall performance slowed highly once i reached the dozen-open-tabs mark in chrome. toss in some androids apps walking within the heritage and you’ll see responsiveness tumble. the c340 struggled to run adobe lightroom, as an instance, but netflix, spotify, and google doctors all did satisfactory. in different phrases, this is a light-duty system, now not a performant powerhouse. that goes for the battery, too. the three-cellular, 42wh battery takes several hours to recharge through the included 45wh charger and will then run for up to 10 hours, in line with lenovo. reaching that battery lifestyles relies upon on elements consisting of screen brightness and whether or not or now not you’re blasting media via the audio system. most days i tested the c340 it positioned up numbers between 9:12 and nine:28 — now not quite 10, however sufficient for a piece day or faculty day in case you’re shutting down at 6pm. wireless and bluetooth finished very well. the 802.11ac 2×2 configuration did splendidly on my home wireless community, in addition to the local starbucks. no issues there at all. the identical goes for the bluetooth four.2 radio, which turned into able to deal with earbuds for wi-fi listening. lenovo’s lower priced chromebook c340 puts the extra-than-two times-as-highly-priced google pixelbook pass to disgrace in relation to ports. where the pixelbook cross has simply two usb-c ports, the c340 has two usb-c ports (three.1 gen 1), usb-a ports (three.1 gen 1), a headphone/mic jack, a kensington lock, and a microsd card reader. moreover, the ports and controls are spread flippantly on both aspect edges of the c340, making sure software no matter your placing. another function the c34o has that the cross doesn’t? physical extent controls at the side edge, in addition to an clean-to-find power button. a simple click on of the button won’t close down your machine. rather, press-and-keep to bring up the shut down dialog container, which includes alternatives for logging out and locking the chromebook. those are simple hardware functions that move a long way in helping usability. i definitely dig the dimensions of the c340. a popular sheet of paper can almost cowl the entire 290 x 208mm duration and width. the c340 is a touch chunky at 17.9mm, however because it weighs handiest 2.6 lbs / 1.18kg it’s mild enough to sling around in a percent all day. my backpack felt empty as i toted the c340 into long island for some conferences. if you’re questioning why i haven’t yet cited the display, you’re about to find out why. the lenovo chromebook c340 has an 11.6-inch ips lcd touch display with hd resolution (1,366 x 768) in a 16:nine element ratio. it puts out 250nits and is covered with the aid of a surprisingly glossy piece of glass. at this length, the hd resolution is simply barely true sufficient. the screen is possibly at its pleasant when watching films or tv shows. at some stage in these activities, you often lean again a little and video content moves speedy. colours appearance desirable and viewing angles are extremely good. leaning in to use the c340 to browse the net or to get a few writing achieved is a unique tale. my eyes had been capable of spot pixelated edges on images, icons, and textual content. it’s not egregious, but it’s important. the backlight isn’t pretty powerful enough. though 250nits isn’t terrible, i had trouble seeing the display while using it in sunny areas, inclusive of my residing room or close to the window of a coffee keep. the excessive reflectivity of the sleek glass doesn’t assist. toss in fingerprints from touching the display screen and it’s no longer the excellent experience i’ve had. the keyboard doesn’t do it for me, both. i appreciate that the keyboard deck is firm, which means the body is stable and doesn’t bend or sag whilst typing. that stated, the keys are tall, with a rounded form that tripped up my arms. further, the keys require pretty a piece greater tour than i take care of and this slowed my typing speed. closing, it’s no longer backlit that's a dealbreaker for me. i comprehend these gripes are personal and others may discover the keyboard pleasant. furthermore, skipping the backlight possibly helped lenovo keep the cost down. last, the audio system aren't the first-rate. the c340 has bottom-firing audio system established below the chassis. when positioned on a hard surface, including a table or a desk, you’ll get lots of sound. in case you prop the chromebook up on a pillow or blanket, the sound has a tendency to get muffled. simple physics. the sound itself is all mids and highs; there’s definitely no bass in any respect. if you switch it all of the manner up you get a distorted mess. you’re better off the usage of headphones. pricing determines a lot. the platinum gray c340 is available in best one configuration with 64gb of storage and expenses $249.ninety nine. you could purchase the 32gb sand purple colorway for $259.99, however in case you need 64gb and purple, you’ll pay $299.ninety nine. but, as of december 24 the 64gb model changed into out of stock.

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