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On Page SEO Technique In 2020
Friends On Page SEO is important to rank #1 in google i will teach you some easy methods to do exact off page SEO.

Important Factors
Guys, On Page SEO depends upon 8 factors and these 8 factors are important for your ranking.

• SEO Tittle
• Meta Description
• SEO Friendly URL
• Internal Linking
• Outbound Linking
• Image Alt Attribution
• Keyphrase In Introduction
• Keyword Density
SEO Tittle
Select Any One Particular Keyword On Which You Want Rank and Then Make A Suitable SEO Friendly Tittle.

Write 150 Characters In Which Define All Things Related To Your Content and also repeat main keyword in your meta description.

SEO Friendly URL
URL is important factor to rank no #1 in google also SEO Friendly URL help your content more discoverabe like URL have main keyword and That focused from you add that keyword.

Internal Linking
Best way to rank in google is that you have done internal linking in your particular article.
Internal linking means connecting all posts with each other
For example :- You write a article then add some other written articles URL and connect other articles with one article, if your any one article ranks then it get benefit to other articles because of internal linking.

Outbound Linking
Internal Linking Is Easy But Outbound Linking Is Also Important.
Give one link to other webpage related to your content but other website other page give an outbound link.

Image Alt Attribution
In your article must upload a image and then add alt in properties which alt you should add? simple add alt same to same your SEO Tittle Copy that title and past into alt.

Keyphrase In Introduction
How much words in your article it does not must but the must thing is that add first link as introduction is your SEO Tittle like this

Keyword Density
Your article is beautiful but it will never rank when your article have keyword density of your keywords is matchable like if you write the article of 500 words then your main keyword repeats 4 times.
If your article contains 1000 words then 10 times repeats.

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