How To Create A Blog On Blogger In 2020

How To Create A Blog On Blogger In 2020
Guys, Today In This Article We Will Learn About Blogger Every Thing You Need To Know Before You Create A Blog On Blogger.

Steps To Create A Blog?
To Create A Blog You Need Some Things Like
• PC
• Internet
• Full Guide
So, After That You Need To Go Into Any Browser You Want and then open site after that you need sign in with any gmail id you want after that this type of interface will appear

Now Add Author Name That Will Appear In Bottom Of Article

After That Now Click On Create Blog.

Select The Blog Name And Blog Address That's Easy Now Your Blog Is Ready.

How To Become A Successful Blogger?
If you to beacome a successful blogger then you should follow these steps.
Step One :
Write blog post on daily basis and write unique articles and also helping other new persons who are commenting you, answer them and make them feel happy.
Step two :
After writing blog post's on daily basis you need to design and customise your blog like a proffesional and this a big sign of successfull blogger, it's template make your template different from other's and be unique.
Step Three :
You Need To Do SEO, Without SEO Your blog is useless if your blog have no keywords and link building then your blog will never rank, if it will not rank then it will never success!

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners!
If you are a begginer then how you can write a blog post? I will teach you simple ideas to write a fresh blog post.
We will divide it into three parts.
First :
Find Keyword On Which Thing you are writing a article find keyword related to it.
You can also use ubbersuggest to find a best keyword for your post.
Second :
Write article with 500 words minimum and write smothly and clearly user easly read them and repeat you main keyword 3 times in your post essentially that's all you need to do.
Paragraph :
Write paragraph as minimum you write like every paragraph will contain 20 words and every paragraph have her heading or sub heading, minor heading.

Can I Make Money On blogging?
After doing every thing now it's time to monetize your blog to make money, requirements to monetize you blog through google adsense.
Minimum articles on your blog before you apply for adsense must be 20+ this good choice to monetize your blog with 20 articles.
Google says that content is king, if you wirite unique article you will rank easily and make money a lot, before you monetize your blog you need to write articles from your own mind don't Copy others written articles, you can also hire a person for blog posts writing.
Customise your theme like proffesional and customise menus navigation bar and main menu remember that don't add any other advertising company on your blog before adsense.
Pages are must for monetize your blog you need to write pages from your own mind don't generate them from other sites.
Because they are copyrighted and google rejects them, all pages you need to write is 4
• Privacy policy
• Contact us
• About us
• Terms & conditions
After that you can apply for adsense and start making money your blog...

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